Species involved Various
Purpose To stop rampaging Nachzehrer / to save people's lives
Headquarters Twilit Domain
Leader Umbra
Founder Umbra
Members Laitona, Thalassa, Saphirade, Crucio, Penelope
Connections Crimson Crusaders (sub-group), United Lunardream Church, etc.
Level range Lv. 700 and above
Enemies Various
Weapons Various
Status Active

The Abyss Knights, or as they are better known as the Anti-Nachzehrer Missionary Coalition, are a group of people united under the cause of keeping people safe from the Nachzehrer, all brought together by Umbra.


The Abyss Knights, being super-warriors, have alternate forms which they can use to bring out their true power, usually by multiplying their innate strength to twice capacity. It is invoked by the Valiant Crystals that Umbra has imbued them with. They are also organized into certain teams called Units, which are categorized by letter. Their overall purpose is to take missions that include them fighting off monsters that have shown as a threat onto the world and to the knights themselves.

Suit/Uniform design

Their alternate forms gain them special clothing that varies throughout the person, but are universally recognized by long tassel-like extensions coming from their bodies and the presence of the Valiant Crystals embedded onto the owner's clothes or accessories which holds their Life Core inside. It can be seen as a huge design flaw considering its vulnerability (even if it is protected by a barrier) but also provides versatility as they can take it off their body and survive mortal blows.


As said above, Abyss Knights are inhumanly strong but if the conditions are correct, they can easily be killed since the Valiant Crystal is outside the body. Once it's shattered, the person would die instantly due to the Life Core perishing with them - to get them back would require intensive care and incredible power/talent. Every Abyss Knight holds Umbra's regenerative powers through their Valiant Crystals, so even if they were mortally wounded, the healing factor will nullify any chance of dying and restore them gradually, making them incredibly persistent.

Due to these circumstances, the only way to dispose of an Abyss Knight is to shatter their Valiant Crystal or have them turn into a Nachzehrer where they lose their incredible regenative properties for increased power and the power to transmit a special dosage of the black blood that not even Soul Taffy can nullify.

They also possess the Nachzehrer abilities, albeit renamed and slightly different:

  • Blitz (German: Lightning): A swift-movement technique known by particularly strong Nachzehrer that allows them to move almost instantly, giving them the illusion of appearing out of thin air. It makes a distinctive reverberating low static noise and the effectiveness of it varies depending on the person.
  • Macht (German: Power): Increased strength - it can vary from a slight boost to outright superhuman depending on how much the person has fought, etc.
  • Rüstung (German: Armor): Increased physical / magical defense. The amount of endurance boosted varies on the person, from being slightly harder to damage to being outright unable to scratch with bladed weapons, etc.
  • Zauber (German: Magic): Increased magical skill. The strength and proficiency of the spells depends on the person and how strong they are with magic to begin with.
  • Gespenst (German: Specter): A universal skill - Gespenst boosts the strength of the Nachzehrer by 30% during the night and weakens by 20% during the day (unless they are Light elemental, in which the formula is reversed)
  • Abhilfe (German: Remedy): A restorative ability where the Nachzehrer can gradually recover from their wounds if left untended, if not recover altogether - the effectiveness and speed varies on the person, along with how grieveous the wound is. So far, the only person to have near-perfect Abhilfe is Umbra, but it eventually gets brought down to reasonable levels.
  • Vorsprung (German: Projection): An ability that allows powerful Nachzehrer to detect the strength of their enemy.
  • Aufstieg (German: Ascendence): Known only by the stronger, more humanoid Nachzehrer, Aufstieg is when they push themselves to the limit to achieve a new form. In this form, their previous wounds fully heal, their powers and abilities are drastically increased, and are generally become more fearsome in appearance. While it makes the Nachzehrer a force to be reckoned with, it makes them expose their Emptiness Shard somewhere on their bodies, and if they either take too much damage or waste too much energy during battle, then the Nachzehrer will be unable to fight until they regain their strength.
  • Ranthedis (Divixean: Almighty Sickness): The disease inside of their blood that turns people into more of them and the same phenomenon that gives it its signature black color. Named by the Abyss Knights.



Crimson Crusaders

  • Laitona
  • Crucio
  • Saphirade (Luciano Vuitton)
  • Thalassa
  • Penelope
  • Julian


  • The Abyss Knights are based off of the Puella Magi magical girls, and the Nachzehrer after the witches.
  • Another similarity between the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series is that the Valiant Crystals work inarguably like Soul Gems in the sense that if they shatter, the person dies. However, the difference is that while the body of a Puella Magi can be destroyed altogether, an Abyss Knight's body would regenerate slowly over time, no matter how grave the injury is.
  • Yet another similarity is the Nachzehrer and witch paradoxes. However, yet again, it is different due to how they're made, as witches in Puella Magi Madoka Magica are born via cursed magical girls, whereas Nachzehrer are born when an Abyss Knight abuses their power, loses their sanity or when a superior reveals the Valiant Crystal's true form as an Emptiness Shard.