Alignment Varied, but primarily the Astralune Family
Species Semi-organic androids / humans-turned-android / full metal robots possesed by a Alpha Symbol
Weapons All known types
Specific members  Unknown so far
HP Varied
Origin Astralune Family
Level Class ???
Creator Vanemuine Vocalis
Life Core type Alpha Symbol

Alpharoids are the fourth branch of the Astralune Family monsters, and are semi-organic androids originally built by Vanemuine Vocalis, the goddess of Music and Machinery.


Long ago before the Two Families ever quarreled, there existed a group called the Apocalytes - demons locked away on various prison moons in Hell, the largest being Tartarus. Due to centuries upon centuries of labor and punishment (due to them being sinful souls), the Apocalytes decide to strike back with the death god Thanatus leading them all into a massive, bloody war between both Families.

As a result, the Astralunan goddess of Music and Machinery decides to create a special series of robots to help combat against the Apocalyte threat.

Design / Charasteristics

Alpharoids come in two flavors - cyborgs or fully robotic androids with an uncanny resemblance to humans. However, there is one charasteristic that help make them stand out-- The presence of their earphones, which serve as their ears. For stronger Alpharoids, it emitts beam antennae to signify their power and rank. 

Physically, Alpharoid cyborgs often resemble humanoids. 

The Alpharoids also have a unique Life Core variant called the Alpha Symbol, which is a metallic crystal-shaped object that enhances their magical output beyond a normal Divixean human and allows them to use the various amounts of skills that they are known for. It is not normally found, and the only people to give them out would be angelic sentries from Heaven.


The Alpharoids, due to their status as semi-organic battle androids, are very broadened when it comes to combat. They are naturally stronger and more durable than most inhabitants of Divixus, making them much harder to kill. They are naturally proficient at magic (Individually speaking, it varies), along with having their own special techniques / appendages which are unique to the species:

  • Vilkuma (Estonian- Blink) - Their variation of a flash step, allowing them to move around with little difficulty. It makes a distinct reverberating musical cue.
  • Soundpoint - A helpful move when it comes to identifying the difference between noises. It allows the Vocaloid to pinpoint a sound, what made it, and determine its location based on where it is.
  • Tugevus (Estonian- Strength) - An ability that is few and between, but if inherited, the Alpharoid becomes much stronger than normal.
  • Imevagi (Estonian- Magic Power) - An ability that is few and between, but if inherited, the Vocaloids becomes more magically proficient than most others. Prominent in Yuuma, Luka, Gakupo and a few others.
  • Kaitsele (Estonian- Protection) - An ability that, much like Tugevus, is unique among certain members of the Alpharoids. It allows the Alpharoid to survive hits that would be normally crippling or fatal to others due to enhanced physical endurance.
  • Pärre (Estonian- Barrier) - A variation of Aumark that revolves around magical defense. If attained, it makes the Alpharoid a wall against elemental attacks.
  • Kaja Tala (Estonian - Echo Beam) - A projectile attack that varies in form through its user.
  • Echo Scouter - A built-in visor which contains a bestiary, measures enemy powers, current health, etc, making it a useful item.
  • Along with many others.

These are all implemented in Merelune Artifacts so that non-angelic entities could be granted their abilities and become more powerful in the process.


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