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Full Name Beatrice Rezamorts
Species Human / Anthraune devil plant (super form)
Gender Female
Element Earth
Lives Arvionne City, Maison des Esprits
Family Victoria (Aunt), Anita (Mother)
Alignment Eclipse Fighters
Associates Allen, Ralus, Nina, Sunshine, etc.

Beatrice is one of Allen's friends along with Ralus, and an experienced botanist. She and Ralus have to deal with Nina's sudden presence and oftenly get caught in the crossfire with Allen due to association.

She is one of the main characters of Tale of a Sun and Moon as a whole.

Appearance & Personality 

Beatrice is a young woman (roughly 22 years old) with short brown hair tied into a ponytail, a gray suit with a red tie, black pants, white shoes, black nails, fingerless gloves and blue eyes.

She is oftenly the one to keep everyone in check as she has to keep her cool. Beatrice is cynical but not without a kind heart as everything she says is for the good of the team. She loves plants and prefers to dress conservatively for the comfort value, but she will put on a dress if she has to.

Regarding the occult, she loves every bit she hears due to having a sort of attraction for it but is often scared out of her wits when she comes across a real-life phenomena. Exceptions being Nina's detachment ability and her aunt Victoria in general. When it regards Nina, she sees her as a rival for Allen's attention due to how often she goes after him.

When it involves the incident had by her mother Anita, she feels nothing but rage for the creature that consumed her mother's body and would go to any length to hunt it down, but oftenly has to be reminded that if she lets herself get consumed by revenge, Beatrice will become an emotional wreck.


Beatrice is one of the Rezamorts family, a group of aristocrats who deal with the dead and spirits, having lived with her mother and aunt in the large estate that they own called the Maison Des Esprits. Beatrice has co-existed with the spirits in her home peacefully but not always without a hitch, as a few of them lead her astray and attempted to kill her instead, just to taunt Victoria and Anita. These events traumatized her, leading her mother and aunt to punish said ghosts and console the young Beatrice in her time of need.

As the years passed, Beatrice grew more distant from her family's lineage and left to do her own thing, which was to become a botanist. Ever since the ghosts of her home taught her how to plant roses, Beatrice has been obsessed with them ever since and has studied more and more plants since then. She still keeps touch with her mother and aunt from time to time, but not as often as they'd like.

Beatrice came across Allen in high school and as a result was introduced to Ralus, and while the journey was rough, she eventually grew to both men and are now a permanent trio.