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Full name Bellamine Fallacia
Species Fallen Angel
Gender Female
Element Dark / Frost
Lives At the
Associates Samael (Regular customer) / Orcus and the 8 Grim Reapers (Battle companions)
Weapon Eldritch Falchion / Herself
Alternate form Her true form
Job Class Caretaker

Bellamine is a fallen Phastista that once served the Astralune Family but was banished due to her actions. She is currently a demon that lives in Hell.


Bellamine is a fair-skinned  woman with turquoise hair that reaches down to her hips, red eyes, blue lipstick, a black and white coat with black fur trimmings, french manicured nails, black heeled shoes with grey stocking, retractable angel wings and a black hat.


She is a very cold but noble woman. Bellamine takes her priorities seriously, and always tries to make sure she's thorough in dispatching enemies due to believing that "you must crush an enemy in their entirety to truly be rid of them."

Regardless of how difficult her job can get, she loves children and tries to teach them the right thing to do. On the other hand, she is bitter and distant to her sister Selene due to distaste in how she treats others and how she projects herself as an arrogant seductress. Bellamine also holds a grudge towards Artelus for starting Verus Amor, but complies as she wants to help her younger brother and copes by imagining it's for a greater good.

When it involves the heroes, she has no quarrel with them when they fight but hates their tenacity. Due to Bellamine and Sidera being as different as night and day (one is an actual angel and the other a demon in the guise of an angel), they have a very rough relationship but eventually warm up to each other.


Powers / Weapons

Bellamine wields the Eldritch Falchion, a thin sword with a black blade and powerful dark magic imbued into it.


  • Bellamine is based off of the Pokemon Gardevoir along with Rainier the Sea Angel from Disgaea D2 A Brighter Darkness.
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