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Full Name Candelabra Tuleriit
Species Zealite demon
Gender Female
Alignment The Morteluna Family
Element Dark / Flame
Lives Morteluna Mansion
Family Linoura (creator)
Associates Linoura (mother), Girando (brother), six sisters, etc.
Alternate form ????
Weapon Devil Axe / Lethen Saber
Job Class War Weapon

Candelabra is a Zealite candle woman who was made by the Deathmoon Family as part of a series of elemental war weapons alongside her brother and sisters.


Candelabra is a slender woman with pale white skin, blue eyes, long lavender hair that goes down to her hips, a hairband with a purple flame shooting out of it and a black overcoat. She has long red nails, wears black stockings and red heeled shoes.


Candelabra is


Candelabra wields a large halberd by the name of the Impius Ascia which is too heavy for a normal person to handle. She can set it ablaze and is strong enough to slice through nearly anything, given the context.

While the Impius Ascia is more for overpowering through sheer strength, she has another weapon by the name of the Lethen Saber - a slender blade that can control any of the Eight Elements. It is specifically designed for person-to-person combat and tactical, debilitating strikes.