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Species Nachzehrer
Utilities / Weapons Scythes, Exeques, etc.
Element Varies
Alignment Varies
Origin Contracted via black blood
Subspecies None
Threat Medium-to-high
Special powers Being able to function headless, etc.
Life Core type Void Shard

The Dullahans are one of the fifteen classes of Nachzehrer zombies, and are a special elite strand of infection that only few people get.


Dullahan Nachzehrer are usually made when the black blood builds up in the neck of their victim, decapitating them and causing them to forever walk the earth carrying their head along with them.

It is, however, one of the rarer infections as there are only five identified (only four if the canon is considered) Dullahans in all of Starlit Heroics. However, there are quite a number of Dullahan people that live in Neumond Reich, with the most notable being Sunshine Nettagel and the Rodriguez twins.

Appearance / Behavior

Unlike the Dullahans from Celtic Folklore, the Nachzehrer variety are known to be attractive. Females wear all black clothes (complete with stocking, miniskirts and a coat for the most generic version), have their hair tied up into two twintails (also colored black), long turquoise nails and notable pink lip gloss. Males wear elaborately designed black charcoal suits with red scarves, capes and so on.

It is unknown how they all do this, but it is likely out of instinct or an automatic change upon becoming a Dullahan. They retain their memories and emotions from before becoming Nachzehrer, and therefore are some of the more noble Nachzehrer in the story if the conditions are right.

Notable Dullahans

A * marks non-canon.

  • Elan Altozel
  • Faye Lawson
  • Celia Rodriguez
  • Charlotte Aulin*
  • Ivan Rodriguez
  • Sunshine Nettagel


Dullahans are identified by their ability to remove their head without consequence. They are capable of using many elemental skills and are skilled in scytheplay in conjunction with their previous weapon-usage stance. They can spread the black blood via the hole in their neck, but are also able to detect and manipulate their surroundings via the black blood.

Dullahans have two weaknesses - the heart (common to all Nachzehrer) and the head. If the head is destroyed, then the Dullahan will lose control and go on a vicious rampage while slowly perishing. This can be remedied by substituting it with an object of similar proportions (such as a pumpkin, etc.). But if the heart is destroyed, then the Dullahan will die regardless of any other conditions.

They are also inhumanly strong, fast and have decent endurance, making them one of the elite of the zombie classes. The ones in the wild and the ones that live in Neumond Reich are indistinguishable.


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