Alignment Varied
Species Apocalyean demons
Weapons Elemental weaponry / Themselves
Specific members Amedia, Artelus, Bellamine


Creator N/A
Life Core type Exanimus Gem

False Angels are Apocalyte demons disguise themselves as angels in order to trick their prey with a sense of false security.

They are primarily featured in Tale of a Sun and Moon, a side story set in Starlit Heroics.

Origin / Purpose

False Angels are one of the many Apocalyte creatures born on the Tartarus moon, and are the brother race to the Succubi. While the Succubi are seductive lady demons that feed off of feelings of pleasure and sexual excitement, False Angels are terrifying abominations that feed off of the fear of mortal creatures.


As their name would imply, they take on the appearance of angels - complete with the proper symbols, markings and design motif of the Lunardream Family.