Alignment Keep to themselves
Ruler The current king or queen
Location Sacrionna Desert, Medeis City
Consists of Magic-users
Species Mostly humans
Status Allies
Notable members Azriel, Wight, Nyx, etc.

The Grimoire Magi are an ancient society of mages and witches that have given rise to use the elements for more practical purposes and the use of magic.

Origin Edit

The Grimoire Magi came about thanks to the Deathmoon Family's direct interference to the people of Divixus to spread awareness of the usage of the elements and magic. As time passed, they grew into their own seperate society and flourished as a monarchy that helped innovate many things and influence overall Divixean culture.

They also co-existed with the elemental kingdoms and have grown with them for as long as possible. That is, until queen Nyx came to power. She was effectively a tyrant, being hated by not only the other kingdoms but also her own people. Nyx had soured the relationship of the Grimoire Magi with the other kingdoms due to long and bloody combat and was also too powerful to be dealt with directly.

That is, until her people devised a plan and sent emissaries to the other kingdoms to help them understand the situation and help in taking her down. They sent a man that would capture Nyx with his charms and have her fall in love with him. On the day of the wedding, they had sealed off all of the evil queen's magic into her severed head and sealed both her now-decrepit body and her disembodied-but-still-living head in the deepest, yet-seperate catacombs.