StarlitHeroesWorld Wiki
Located In a different realm of existence
Inhabitants Apocalytes, Infern, Zealites, the Morteluna Family, etc.
Sub-locations Carceras, Tartarus, Eclipsis Moon
Ruled by The Morteluna Family
Bridges Distinct areas where Hell affects the mortal realm, the Eclipsis Moon
Originator Palandezo
Used in All stories

Hell in the Starlit Heroics multiverse is an alternate realm of existence that encompasses the wide variety of demons and lost souls that live in it.

It is where evil or regretful souls go to upon dying, and is ruled by the Morteluna Family who keep order throughout Hell.

Origin / Purpose

Hell was originally created by the Creation Beasts along with Heaven, the Mortal Realm and the Dream Realm as one of the five realms of existence. It is where demons are born and where evil and / or regretful souls go to when they die.


Hell is split up into several planet-like areas called Carcera. They are all ethereal worlds with varying landscapes, with the exception of Tartarus, which is a ravaged desert landscape althroughout.

No matter how far apart the planetoids are apart, the Eclipsis Moon is always seen in the sky at night - the sun is also incredibly bright and has a pale lavender glow. It also has space much like the mortal realm which acts in the same way. (aka. no gravity and no air)


Hell has many monarchies in place that organize the demons and lost souls that live in them. Various Carcera are ruled by an Infern or Zealite representative from the Morteluna Family, with the exception of Tartarus which is ruled by the infamous Demon King Levaras.

Originally there was the Ars Goetia, a series of appointed Infern by the Morteluna Family made to help rule over Hell. However, as they were thoroughly defeated in the grand Apocalyean war, they no longer exist as a functioning group anymore and various members are said to have retreated into secrecy.


The inhabitants of Hell include many creatures, demons and lost souls. From the lowly Revenant to the ridiculously powerful members of the Morteluna Family, the inhabitants in Hell are as varied as the realm itself is vast. Here is a list detailing them:


An * is non canon in the actual Starlit Heroics canon.

  • Zealite (Originally created by the Goddess of Destruction, Suprema, they are the pride and joy of the Morteluna Family. They are a powerful, predominantly female race of demons whose true forms are dark crystalline creatures)
  • Infern (Originally sentient flowers harvested from the surface of the Eclipsis Moon, they were turned into demons to serve as the army for the Morteluna Family)
  • Nachzehrer (Unintentionally created by Umbra by mixing Phastista and Zealite powers, these black blooded creatures can spread a disease that turns other creatures into more of them. Despite being created accidentally and relatively recently, their infamy has reached even the ire of the most infamous demons.)
    • Revenant
    • Esper
    • Wailer
    • Maranette
    • Militio
    • Behemoth
    • Sleeper
    • Siren
    • Dullahan
    • Sylph
    • Succulina
    • Murilega
    • Cadavelier
  • Apocalyte (The souls of those damned to Hell or those who have fallen into regret. These entities form the bulk of Hell's inhabitants as either deceased mortals or natural-born demons that grew in the abyss of Hell.)
    • False Angel (Demons that take on the appearances of angels to trick their prey. The true form of these creatures are horrific abominations usually based off of sea monsters, seeing as they feed off the fear emitted from mortal creatures.)
    • Succubus (Seductive lady demons that feed off of feelings of pleasure)
    • Reaper (Divine entities born from the essence of Thanatus. They help decide which souls go to Heaven or Hell.)
    • Lemures (Specifically the souls of dead mortals that have been condemned to Hell for grievous sins. Generally associated with a heavy feeling of dread.)
    • Exequias (Artificially created Apocalyte demons that serve as the backbone of the Apocalyte group. They come in many forms and sizes)
    • etc.
    • Phoenix (Beautiful demon birds born from hellfire. They come back to life from their ashes, and burn with all the colors of the spectrum.)
  • Corpse Wyrm (Rotting draconic entities that consume any sentient being, living or dead, for sustenence)

Specific members - Morteluna Family 

  • Puritus Bane (Ruler of the Morteluna Family - God of Absolute Darkness)
  • Suprema Adustio (Co-ruler of the Morteluna Family - Goddess of Destruction)
  • Thanatus (Apocalyean God of Death, and a being with immesurable powers. He is the omniscient judge of life and death and is the patron god of the Apocalytes. He was also the original ruler of the Morteluna Family.)
  • Vassago (A former demon president of Hell, and a benevolent ghostly Infern)
  • Umbra Ultimes (The former pinnacle of technology of both Families at the time and the leader of the Zealites. He is now a helper to the Lunardream Family)
  • Linoura Tuleriit (A high-ranking Zealite aristocrat and a woman who was responsible for many scientific achievements in the Morteluna Family)
  • Lirus Trescale / Tuleriit (Linoura's older brother who was reborn as a human. He wields the legendary evil-cleaving Crescent Excalibur and is the leader of the Crimson Crusaders monster-hunting group)
  • Candelabra Tuleriit (A Zealite candle woman who was created to be a war weapon of mass destruction. She is accompanied by her loyal black metal chandelier wolf, who she also uses as a weapon)