Alignment Varies
Species Mortals
Weapons None or make their own / Elemental powers (Divixean human), etc.
Specific members Shown below
Type Sentient mortal creature
Sub-species Unknown if any
Creator Unknown (Earth human) / Created in the image of the gods (Divixean)
Life Core type Regular Life Core

Humans are one of the species that inhabit various planets (Namely Divixus and Earth).


The people of the Eight Kingdoms theorize that humans and the other mortal species on the planet were created in the image of the gods.

When it involves the planets of Divixus and Earth, they often intermix in secret. For example, the people of the Nessarel Province served as the template to the German people of Earth when they migrated from one planet to the other. The tradeoff was that their powers would be subdued by angelic beings as to not upset the balance of Earth's less powerful makeup.

While the intermixing has lead to increases in ethical variety, it has also lead to a large amount of racial clashing - even people born in Divixus have on occassion gone against each other based solely on their element for one, with one grand war coming out of it in the far east that changed the perspective of the ancient people of the Eight Kingdoms for prior years.


Humans are bipedial creatures, and often share their appearance and physical makeup with other sentient species like them, such as the Lottean rabbit people, Lucares cat people and so on.

The differences between an Earth human and a Divixean is non-existent on the outside excluding the larger scope of hair colors of the Divixeans which are influenced by their stronger Life Cores, leading their elemental affinity to potentially change the hair color they have based on the element they possess. It varies from person to person, and could blend colors depending on the parents.