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Alignment Deathmoon Family
Species Demons harvested from Eclipse Orchids and turned into sentient creatures
Weapons All known types
Specific members The Ars Goetia (disbanded), Recollecte, Fenrista, etc.
Origin Created as the working class of the Deathmoon Family's monsters
Status Varied
Creator Puritus
Life Core type Eclipse Orchid

The Infern are monsters that serve the Deathmoon Family as a series of varied helpers that usually function as soldiers, merchants, guardians of Hell, etc.

They were originally made by Puritus himself as the counter to Ranthael's Phastista.


While the individual Infern varies in appearance, prevailing features include black wings, dark red Ether aura enveloping a part of their body and horns.

Their most important feature is the Eclipse Orchid inside of their body which acts as not only their Life Core but also their heart as the flower's roots serve as the nerves and veins of the Infern.