StarlitHeroesWorld Wiki
Alignment N/A
Species Undead
Weapons All known types
Origin Created from dead mortals
Status Constant

A Lemures is the soul of a deceased mortal that, for one reason or another, bears a grudge against the living or is unable to pass on.

Appearance / Mannerisms

Lemures appear as moving disembodied shadows on the walls to people who cannot see spirits. The mere presence of one can alert animals while more malicious variants can inflict cold chills and deep seated feelings of dread.

To people who can see spirits, Lemures often take on the same forms that they had in life but often bearing the wound that killed them. As their malice grows, the more their ghostly forms will distort and become grotesque.

Their signature trait, however, are the ghostly lanterns with blue flames often connected straight to their bodies. The more elaborate the lantern is, the more grief and hatred they bear.