Alignment Themselves
Species Apocalyte demons
Weapons All known types
Specific members Unknown so far
Origin Created from dead mortals
Status Varied
Life Core type Devil Gem

The Lemures are Apocalytes that are specifically the souls of sinful mortals that have been condemned to Hell.

Appearance / Mannerisms

A Lemures is a creature clad in a black robe with a sickly/rotten skin (or fur depending on animal humanoids) color along with light blue flames hovering around their body.

Their bodies are usually skeletal in nature and are often identified by spiritually aware mortals as a moving shadow. Lemures are associated with overwhelming dread or malice, and as such, their presence is alerted by such feelings. They are usually aggressive and tend to attack in droves, but individually they often run away from a fight.

In terms of intelligence, they are normally primal in nature but the more powerful they become, the more of their reasoning and personality come back.