Varieties Teleporters, Absorbers, Life Core crystals, etc.
Origins Created naturally through the earth, artificially, etc.
Magic type Interchanges between Mana and Ether
Found Usually bought at stores, deep underground, primarily found in the kingdom of Terrantia, etc.
Life Core Types Holy Diamonds (Phastista), Anthodia Stones (Zealites), Alpha Symbol (Alpharoids / Undamines), Void Shards (Nachzehrer), Devil Gem (Apocalytes), etc.

Magical stones are a specific type of item that appears on Divixus, either created naturally deep underneath the earth or produced artificially to serve a specific purpose.

Overview Edit

Magical stones on Divixus naturally channel Mana (from absorbing the powers of the earth itself) or Ether ( letting a stray light elemental beam hit the crystal - aka. manual input) and can be manipulated to serve a variety of purposes - such as teleporters, first-aid kits, bombs, and etc. (But are usually more expensive due to their reusability and can potentially break when used due to the stress put on it)

There are also the rarer crystals, such as the Life Core ones and the Guardian Stones held in the recesses of the eight elemental kingdoms. These are usually much more powerful than a garden-variety magic stone due to their unique builds and origins.

Generic magical stones can be discovered deep in natural caverns deep underground and can be identified thanks to their see-through appearance and glowing auras.

Types of Magical Stones Edit

These are all of the different kinds of stones that are featured throughout Starlit Heroics as a series, arranged by what type they are. (* marks non-canon)

Natural Edit

  • AbsorberThe base for all common magic stones. These gradually take in Mana from the nearby environment and are manipulated by scientists for various purposes.

Utility Edit

  • Teleporter - Royal blue in appearance wrapped with a black band, these hand-held stones allow the user to teleport to a location they previously visited. These do not break, but instead lose charge the more they are used. When depleted, they turn a dull gray.
  • Lamp - Yellow in appearance, these small stones emit light to brighten dark rooms.  They are usually pulled out in emergencies when there is no power for more conventional lights. They gradually lose their charge as they are used and go out as about twelve hours pass - they also recharge, but can be revitalized instantly by a light elemental attack. They can also be used as impromptu stun grenades when thrown against the ground as all the light energy is released - doing this shatters it instantly.
  • Curative A teal stone wrapped around in a white band with a red symbol, these crystals have the ability to heal wounds and remove lesser afflictions. When used, they have the possibility to shatter as they take up more energy depending on how grave the wound is. They are known to be produced from the Kingdom of Light, Soleria.

Battle-based Edit

  • Aura - An orange crystal that, when used, envelops the user in a thick aura made of Ether that protects them from enemy attacks. It gradually degenerates in strength as it is used and can be destroyed instantly by a powerful  or piercing attack from a stronger opponent - potentially breaking the crystal itself from the stress. When depleted, the aura gradually recovers when not in use. The strength of the Aura can be enhanced depending on how powerful the user is.
  • BombA red crystal that contains powerful flame-based energy - when thrown, it lets out a devastating combustion. The crystal itself is almost guaranteed to shatter, but there are rare occasions where it doesn't, allowing it to be used again.

Life Core Crystals Edit

Special stones that exist to encase a person's soul - they belong to specific species and grant superhuman abilities.

  • Velune Shard - The Life Cores of Phastista, angelic sentries created by the God of Order, Ranthael. Usually a teal stone with black adornments.
  • Angel's Tear - The Life Cores of Angels, virtuous souls that ascend to Heaven or entities born on Heaven's land that generally serve the Lunardream Family. The stones vary in color depending on elemental affinity, but have a telltale teardrop shape.
  • Alpha Symbol - The Life Cores of Alpharoids/Vocaloids* and Undamines, robot sentries created by the Goddess of Music and Machinery, Vanemuine Vocalis. Usually green metallic objects with gray adornments.
  • Deva's Tear - The Life Cores of Zealites, aristocratic demons created by the Goddess of Destruction, Deva. Usually dark violet diamond-shaped stones.
  • Void Shard - The Life Cores of the Nachzehrer, black blooded monsters that originated from the corrupted fusion between Umbra (Zealite) and Lucerna (Phasista) that grew into their own full-fledged species. Usually black stones with white adornments.
  • Devil Gem - The Life Cores of the Apocalytes, the souls of those damned to Hell and the original servants to Thanatus, the God of Death. Usually red stones with black adornments.
  • Guardian Symbol - The Life Cores of Somalites, golems made by the Lunardream Family that serve specific purposes. They are large multi-colored stones that glisten with a light specific to their element - the stones containing the spirits of the eight elemental guardians are examples of these.

Rare Edit

  • Immortal Stone - A phoenix-shaped stone that allows someone to be brought back to life upon death due to its incredibly swift regenerative powers. It can only work when it is bonded to a person, and it can be impaired by cutting off the magic flow. If the stone is removed, the person will usually not survive the ordeal. Due to its unique powers and scarcity, it is unknown if more exist. The only known holder of one is the witch-in-training Nocta Ventelle.