Full Name Mereno Hemidial
Species Lottean rabbit humanoid
Gender Male
Element Dark / Luna
Alignment Libratan Royal Military / Crimson Crusaders
Associates The Crimson Crusaders (best friends), etc.
Family Laitona (Adopted mother), Vilutia (Brother), Mimi (Sister), real parents (unknown)
Weapon Venhemir scimitar
Alternate form Midnight Weaver form
Job Class Mageknight

Mereno is one of Laitona's three children and a skilled mageknight that works for the Libratan Royal Militia. He is one of the Crimson Crusaders, a group dedicated to purging the world from the Nachzehrer threat.


He is a young man with purple hair, blue eyes, white fur, rabbit ears, a black hat with the blue upside down crescent moon on it, a black military coat with blue lines marked on it, a blue armband on his right arm with the Null element symbol on it (signifying his loyalty to Librata), a navy blue cape, dark blue pants and black boots.


Mereno is relatively serious most of the time, due to his sour-faced demeanor. He constantly looks upon other people with a tinge of cynicism, although he does care a great deal about his friends and especially his family. While he is stubborn, he retains a high amount of civility and friendliness.

When it concerns his brother Vilutia, he would follow him to the ends of the earth but at the same time is very concerned about his survivability, thanks to his reckless behavior in the face of danger. As a result, Mereno has to trail behind him and make sure nothing kills him.

While he loves his mother very much, he has been terrified of her powers even at a young age.


Mereno is one of three Lottean infants that were delivered to the church that Laitona was employed at twelve years ago. She adopted them right away and has raised them with the help of her attendant Salutenia (who was only 18 at the time as opposed to Laitona's 23) and created a strong bond between the five of them.

It wasn't until Vilutia and Mereno gave a display of their higher-than-average powers that convinced officials to enlist the duo into the military - making a special exception towards the rule against child soldiers thanks to the brothers' incredible magical potential and readily available skills, with Laitona and Salutenia vehemently disagreeing due to their tender age.