Alignment Varies
Species Undead (All phases except for final) / Demonic entity (final stage)
Weapons All known types
Specific members Shown below
Origin People infused with Void Shards
Type Sentient corrupting mortal creatures
Creator Umbra
Life Core type Void Shard

The Nachzehrer (Afterwards Devourer in German) are supremely powerful monsters, if not the most destructive of the monsters ever made by both Families.

While their individual purposes are different, they are all united under one grand purpose-- to spread the black blood and create a larger community.

Backstory / Symbol

Nachzehrer were originally made when Umbra took over Lucerna's body a long time ago (roughly around the time of the great Apocalyean uprising), unintentionally becoming the creator / carrier of the Void Shards.

He tried to test exactly what creature could come out of them, but the test subject had escaped and spread an infection to the point where there were now throes of Nachzehrer, with the species originally referred to as the Scourge -- quick to act, Umbra created the Abyss Knights to counter the problem.

He used the same Void Shards to create the special Valiant Crystals that people would use to serve under him and defeat the Nachzehrer.

However, it went downhill when Abyss Knights started to convert into Nachzehrer themselves, with Irene Desonne taking notice.

Disgusted by the fact that she was manipulated by him and realized all the horrible things that were done, Irene uses her rage to become a Nachzehrer (and soon after, the founder and queen of Neumond Reich) to vow her vengance on Umbra and all those associated with him.

The term Nachzehrer was embraced by Iduun to replace the Scourge definition, due to how those infected by Ranthedis initially come back with an intense bloodlust.

Ever since then, they have been known to bear an insignia -- an upside down red star with two black wings next to it, showing the negative fusion between Phastista and Zealite powers.

The Ranthedis Infection

Due to the highly corrosive nature of the Void Shards because of the negative fusion of the Anthodia and , they harbor a plague-like disease which is known as Ranthedis (Divixean for "Almighty Sickness").

Nachzehrer, due to their infectious nature, have the ability to spread this illness by either biting their victims or vomiting / spewing black blood from their mouths or various other ways.

The Ranthedis illness, if left unremedied, will turn the infected person into a Nachzehrer. It depends on how deep the injury is and how volatile the holder is- but even a light infection can turn a person in less than four days by entering through the skin and going working its way into the heart.

The black blood, when used on a corpse, will always result in a Revenant or one of the more monstrous classes due to the fact that it requires more time and power for the black blood to properly build up.


The poisonous blood can be cured off immediately through Healing magic and the blood is even transformed into a countermeasure vaccine in the form of Soul Mix, which can grant immunity to the black blood and the disease it brings.

It is useless when put up against the concentrated dosage of a supremely powerful Nachzehrer such as NA+-types.

There's also the Soul Cleanse antidote, which allows people to recover from being turned into Nachzehrer, specifically N-. However, due to how quickly Nachzehrer tend to infect people, the chaos would usually prevent from giving the vaccines/antidote.

After recent developments during the Black Blood Crusades, a stronger variant for N+ and eventually NA+ is developed after run-ins with the Neumond Reich militia.

The classes 

There are four levels a Nachzehrer's growth:

  • The zombie phase, which has the black blood take over someone (or in the case of the already dead-- reanimation). While it starts off slow, the black blood steadily increases the power of the infected. There are also different classes of infection, which makes it ultimately the most dangerous phase, second only to the actual Nachzehrer phase -
    • Revenant - The most common form of the classes, whether it is an infected living person, creature or a corpse that made contact with the black blood. They can be differentiated from regular undead due to their pale gray skin and unnatural blue eyes. Their Neumond Reich counterparts are normal people when compared to their counterparts.
      • Melting - The first of the more advanced Revenants. These are zombies that have had their bones melted off by the intense heat of the black blood's acidic qualities but also allows the zombie to control their now-malleable flesh into whatever form they want.
      • Regenerator - The second of the more advanced Revenants. These are zombies that are nigh indestrucible with the exception of the Void Shard inside of their bodies.
    • Esper- Ghostly infected that can go through walls, turn invisible, cause illusions and possess living creatures or objects-- they are identified by being accompanied by blue flames and having eerie purple eyes. While they have incredible magical forte and trickery, they cannot stand their own in a fight due to how fragile they actually are. Their Neumond Reich counterparts are people with incredible magicians that can be identified by their hoods.
    • Wailer - Infected that resemble deformed angelic creatures. They make an inhuman scream to attract attention to potencial prey and always attack in large packs. They are also characterized as having long arms with sharp claws that they can extend to reach faraway enemies. Their Neumond Reich counterparts are pale-faced, winged people with similar abilities.
    • Maranette - Infected people (generally children) whose bodies have malformed into eerie doll-shaped forms. They are identified by their pertutually grinning mouths and empty eye sockets, and can manipulate people via the Luna technique, Dead Man's Dance. Their Neumond Reich counterparts can shift from being normal people to nightmarish visions with black eye sockets.
    • Behemoth - Heavily infected people who have grown stronger and larger as a result of the black blood. They possess immense strength and speed, and can be identified by their large, slender size and bandage covered bodies. Their Neumond Reich counterparts are usually muscularly built.
    • Siren - Infected women who retain a beautiful appearance and a lovely voice to drag in unwitting men (and sometimes women) to their doom. They are identified by their long, watery hair and are usually shown to be near watery areas. They can also sprout crude Ether wings and fly.
      • Stomablade - Their gender-neutral counterpart, Stomablade, are people that turn into demonic shrimp-like forms with powerful striking limbs.
    • Dullahan - Infected men and women whose heads detach themselves from their bodies due to the amount of black blood that builds up in their neck. They are skilled in scytheplay and are usually accompanied by Exeques. They can be identified by their long black hair and often wear black, along with being a rare strand of infection.
    • Milito - Soldiers who succumbed to the black blood and undead hordes. They retain their former memory of weapons usage and military training, making them more effective for killing instead of trying to infect people with the black blood, suggesting the military disposition behind the Nachzehrer regime. They can transmutate anything into metal including crude guns, artillery, etc.
    • Sylph - Infected who grow dark red, fairy-like wings that possess immense magical powers. They are clad in black and red assassin apparael and are blindingly fast despite being relatively fragile to the other zombie classes.
    • Sleeper - Infected that grow multiple arms, legs and a scorpion tail that can transmit the black blood directly into their victim-- giving them a horrific insect-like appearance. They are moderately slow, but can hit very hard. As indicated by their name, they can incite sleep magic onto their opponents to make them drowsy and unable to escape.
    • Murilega / Lagomorpha / Aviaria - Infected that grow animalistic attributes along with a penchant for blood and destruction. They are usually strong and can tear their enemies apart due to their fast speed and claws. They can also camoflauge their grey skin and animal attributes (excluding their ears) should they need to infiltrate a heavy assortment of survivors.
    • Vulpyre - Infected similar to the Murilega in that they take an animalistic appearance (specifically foxes), but grow eight tails brimming with colorful flames based off of the eight elements. They have incredible magical powers and resort to guile as they can masquerade their true form.
    • Cadavelier- Infected corpses that bond to their coffins and grow tendrils out the sides to walk in spider-like motions. They leave behind black blood with every step, and are infamous for their strong, tank-like defenses coupled with their surprisingly fast movement.
    • Fulguren - Nachzehrer born from infected Muvaren, which are guardian sand spirits that govern over the desert continent of Ramuria. Their body crystallizes into glass and become murderous wraiths - they gain incredible electrical powers and have the power to rot the land on a whim.
    • Phantom Sand - Nachzehrer born from mummified bodies, specifically those buried in the Murian pyramids. Due to the black blood taking on a rough shape in order to replace the removed organs (excluding the brain), they more-or-less retain some form of sentiency but cave in to the primal urge to destroy any intruder.
    • Infector - A job class of Neumond Reich that fits certain Nachzehrer into all-terrain armor with a syringe blade in hand filled with black blood. Primarily used to infect underwater creatures to become Nachzehrer due to the purifying power of clean water.
  • And finally, the actual Nachzehrer phase, where they regain all form of sentiency and turn into demonic creatures that serve as the pinnacle of the evolution phases. Depending on the infection chosen during the zombie phase, they can evolve into a different type of Nachzehrer, or can be completely unique due to individual values.

Note, there are two primary ways to defeat a Nachzehrer zombie-- by striking it in either the head (as standard for the zombie medium) and the way unique only to the Nachzehrer ones-- by piercing through the heart.

By piercing through the heart (or destroying the immediate area), the flow of black blood is stopped at its most vulnerable (I.E, in the middle of forming the Void Shard) and instantly kills off the host. Attacking the heart and head during the fully-grown phase is similarly effective.

Unique Monster Types

Aside from the generic zombie class types, there are also unique monsters such as -

  • Blut Eiche - The infected version of a monster called the Vampire Tree, a creature already infamous for consuming any victim that strays next to it. Since its transformation, it is identified by its pitch black leaves.

Blood Types

A primary way to tell between Nachzehrer is through their blood type - which is generally known by N type. It comes in many forms based on how the person came about.

  • N Plus (N+) applies to naturally born Nachzehrer such as the majority of Neumond Reich or related, such as Crucio.
  • N Minus (N-) applies to people who were turned into Nachzehrer forcefully through the Ranthedis infection and usually lack the complete strength of the species unless they were very fortunate in transforming.
  • NA+ stands for Nachzehrer-Abyss Knight, which are people who have turned into Nachs while serving as one of Umbra's Abyss Knights - originally from despair, but now primarily because of power failure or direct corruption.

Their strength is usually higher than N+ or N- because of their already attuned powers and abilities, making them generally more formidable than normal Nachzehrer - even their zombie counterpart, Magical Corpse, is far more dangerous (and unstable) than most other of the other zombie types.

Umbra's blood is NX - which implies he is far removed from other Nachzehrer today. His offspring have N+ as a measure to comprehend it, and a vaccine to counteract the virus cannot be extracted because of compatability issues.

Due to Soul Mix's incompatability with NA+ and the lack of cooperating NA+ Nachs, it could potentially jeopardize Umbra's plans to keep people safe from harm.

Neumond Reich and its inhabitants

The Neumond Reich (German: New Moon Kingdom) is the home of the Nachzehrer, located deep in the Atella Mountains on the far west of the planet. It is home to many human-like / personalized Nachzehrer people, who are noticeably more advanced and sophisticated than the infected in the wild.

The reason being that in this region, the Nachzehrer have evolved more naturally than being forced to be born from infected humans or humanoid species as shown with the large epidemics to quell the Eight Kingdoms.

The difference between a Neumond Reich Nachzehrer and one in the wild is that they will usually lack all resemblances to their zombie counterpart in appearance, but still retain their abilities and overall motif.

They will also not have grey skin and will have differing eye colors than just blue. They will also behave more as individuals than semi-mindless monsters, making them closer to humans than anything else.

Neumond Reich has had a long-standing bitter disposition towards the rest of the world - the various generations that have lived in Neumond Reich have gradually and generally adopted the idea of Nachzehrer superiority for various reasons.

Iduun has prepared the country ever since it was founded for war against the rest of the world while trying to keep a utopic sort of society, even if most of her ideas backfire on themselves.

Ascendence Charms

Newly minted artifacts created in Neumond Reich so people of the various zombie classes can achieve an Aufstieg, an unlocking of their true abilities that unique or high-end Nachzehrer like the members of the Vollstreckers possess.

The charms themselves were made so the people of Neumond Reich would turn into an invincible fighting force, but they've gone through heavy quality testing to see if they were capable of being mass-produced.

The general Aufstieg for a Nachzehrer generally have unique visual flairs depending on the person, but they generally follow the same scheme.

There were charms made for all of the zombie classes excluding specific types like the Phantom Sand, Fulgurens, Niteris, etc. Despite the initial lack of charms for said classes, the more info is collected about them, the more they gain charms.

  • Scythesman's Charm: For Dullahans.

Influence / Powers

As for the Nachzehrer's abilities in strength, they are usually more powerful than a regular human being at their bare minimum.

When they achieve the highest their aptitudes can allow, they are likened to be as strong as some of the more high-level spiritual monsters, such as the Apocalytes and etc.

Because of this, combined with their ability to create more of themselves via disease, they are considered extremely dangerous and some of the most destructive creatures ever made in the entirety of the Families histories.

They incite fear into the hearts of people due to this, and also because the waves of zombies they make are rivaled second to none.

Upon death, a fully realized Nachzehrer releases its Void Shard, which if left for too long allows the Nachzehrer to reconstiute gradually. A similar feature is applied with the Abyss Knights' Valiant Crystals, seeing as they are essentially one and the same.

They also have their own set of named powers, much like the Apocalytes and the Two Families monsters:

  • Blitz (German: Lightning): A swift-movement technique known by particularly strong Nachzehrer that allows them to move almost instantly, giving them the illusion of appearing out of thin air. It makes a distinctive reverberating low static noise and the effectiveness of it varies depending on the person.
  • Stärke (German: Strength): Increased physical strength - it can vary from a slight boost to outright superhuman depending on how much the person has fought, etc.
  • Rüstung (German: Armor): Increased physical / magical defense. The amount of endurance boosted varies on the person, from being slightly harder to damage to being outright unable to scratch with bladed weapons, etc.
  • Zauber (German: Magic): Increased magical skill. The strength and proficiency of the spells depends on the person and how strong they are with magic to begin with.
  • Gespenst (German: Specter): A universal skill - Gespenst boosts the strength of the Nachzehrer by 30% during the night and weakens by 20% during the day (unless they are Light elemental, in which the formula is reversed)
  • Abhilfe (German: Remedy): A restorative ability where the Nachzehrer can gradually recover from their wounds if left untended, if not recover altogether - the effectiveness and speed varies on the person, along with how grieveous the wound is. So far, the only person to have near-perfect Abhilfe is Umbra and Iduun, but they eventually get brought down to reasonable levels.
  • Vorsprung (German: Projection): An ability that allows powerful Nachzehrer to detect the strength of their enemy.
  • Aufstieg (German: Ascendence): Known only by the stronger, more humanoid Nachzehrer, Aufstieg is when they push themselves to the limit to achieve a new form. In this form, their previous wounds fully heal, their powers and abilities are drastically increased, and are generally become more fearsome in appearance.
    • While it makes the Nachzehrer a force to be reckoned with, if they either take too much damage or waste too much energy during battle, then the Nachzehrer will be unable to fight until they regain their strength. The Ascendence Charms give this ability to the general Nachzehrer people as they lack the power to achieve Aufstiegs.
  • Ranthedis (Decera: Almighty Sickness): The disease inside of their blood that turns normal people into more of them and the same phenomenon that gives it its signature black color. Named by the Abyss Knights. Loses its infecting power in clean water due to purity-related issues, hence why the Infector job class was created.

List of Nachzehrer and their classes

Neumond Reich (Inner Circle) 

  • Iduun (Wrath - Queen)
  • Nevinna Ruzia (Gluttony - Princess)
  • Crucio (Lust 1st half - Prime Minister)
  • Reversa (Pride / Lust 2nd half - Head Executioner)
  • Sheol (Sloth - Head Tactician)
  • Carminella (Envy - Ambassador)
  • Aureas (Greed - Treasurer)

Neumond Reich (Vollstreckers)

  • Catherine Altozel (Murilega - Crucio's Guard)
  • Celia Rodriguez (Dullahan - Executionary Force)
  • Ivan Rodriguez (Dullahan - Executionary Force)
  • Alptraum (Unique - Dormiende's Guard)
  • Mina Lethorne (Vulpyre - Dormiende's Guard)
  • Lestric Shemhaz (Unique - Grand Couturier)
  • Machias Delvrute (Unique - Chancellor)
  • Echart Delvrute (Esper - Royal Musician)
  • Monalis Astelian (Unique - Aureas's Guard)
  • Rouge Delphas (Vulpyre - Aureas's Guard)
  • Marvo Shemhaz (Unique - Aureas's Guard)
  • Sonia Morgen (Militio - Carminella's Guard)
  • Melusine Eliones (Siren - Carminella's Guard)

Abyss Knights

  • Umbra Ultimes (The father of all Nachzehrer)
  • Thalassa Ultimes (Unique)
  • Scarlet Lethorne (Vulpyre)


  • The Nachzehrer are based off the witches of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and the Void Shards after the Grief Seeds. Except the stakes are much higher, as virtually anyone can become a Nachzehrer due to the Ranthedis disease as opposed to how witches are made. Also, opposed to the Puella Magi, the Abyss Knights have near endless amounts of energy, which omits the purpose of putting depleted magic into Grief Seeds.
  • Ranthedis can be seen as a reference to the "zombie plague" concept, as anyone can become one if infected with black blood or bitten, or in the Abyss Knights' case, transformed. Even though there is a cure, it is still seen as a large problem.
  • The Nachzehrer have a primarily German theme, but it is unknown who actually named them and have been noted to have changed throughout history. However, Iduun and the rest were reponsible for the rest of the names (such as the abilities and Neumond Reich).


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