Full name Nina Leitzal
Species Human
Gender Female
Element Luna / Frost
Lives Ciscera Town, Luneitra / With Allen in Arvionne
Family Desmond (father), Erin (mother), Natalie (sister)
Alignment Eclipse Fighters
Associates Allen, Beatrice, Ralus, Victoria, etc.
Level Lv. 300 starting off
Weapon Unknown so far
Alternate form Moon Shepard
Job class Weapon Maintenance / Gate Guardian

Nina is a woman that was sent to Allen in the mail by the request of a mysterious company to serve as his "one true love", but only raises more questions about her origins and causes problems for him as time passes.

She is the second main character and driving force of Tale of a Sun and Moon as much of the story revolves around the relationship between Nina and Allen.


When she was first introduced, Nina is described to be a youthful woman with blue eyes, black hair with large pigtails tied on the sides of her head, wore a small black minidress with sandals and had turquoise fingernails and royal blue toenails.

However, her permanent attire is that of an elegantly designed goth loli-esque dress with black stocking that go up past her knees, blue heeled shoes, black sleeves, a black choker with an blue upside-down crescent moon marked on it and blue ribbons that tie her hair together.


Nina, when introduced to Allen, is a kind and gentle girl if a bit of a one-track mind. She does whatever he wants and is intent on pleasing him, which only makes him question what goes on in her mind.