Species Nachzehrer / Viatoran
Utilities / Weapons Blade-like arms, stingers, etc.
Alignment Varies
Origin Black blood contacting with unique Viatoran body fluids
Requires vampire stage? No
Threat Usually medium
Special powers Hive mind mentality, dark magic infusement, etc.
Life Core Type Void Shard

The Niteris (Plague in Latin) are a unique class of Nachzehrer zombie, thanks to their only infectors being placed in specific locations.

Origin Edit

The Niteris came about thanks to the Viatoran (humanoid insect aliens) emmissaries that came to Divixus long ago in order to scour the planet for potential resources and/or specimens, but were overwhelmed by the throes of Nachzehrer that awaited them. Once the black blood got in contact with the unique body fluids of the Viatorans, it created the Niteris as a result.

They are selectively placed in certain areas of Divixus, which is why there are no common sightings of Niteris during Nachzehrer raids.

Appearance / Behavior Edit

All Niteris are bee-like creatures with sleek black mechanical-looking bodies, blue markings, sharp antennae, no hair, large blue eyes, blade-like appendages on the arms and legs, transparent wings, and a large stinger.

They behave much like a real bee colony -- there are multiple workers and soldiers along with one queen who is in charge of making more children. They are responsible for making purple honey, which is created when workers bleed black blood into a large pot and then have it mixed with sugar and water. It is a valuable part of their society and a beloved food of the Nachzehrer people, although lethal to other species.

When a queen dies, soldiers try to scour out a fair maiden so they can assimilate her into their ranks. If they are not what they are looking for, they will kill them on sight and turn them into a soldier Niteris.

Notable Niteri Edit

  • Madeleine Mesarune
  • Laruz
  • Reine

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