StarlitHeroesWorld Wiki
Alignment Varied
Species Apocalyte demon
Weapon Scythes / An optional secondary weapon
Specific members The Letalis Arma Reapers
Origin Hell
Type Chaotic neutral force
Sub-species N/A
Creator Thanatus
Life core type Devil Gem

Reapers are Apocalyte demons born from the essence of Thanatus, the god of death, to help guide deceased souls to either Heaven or Hell.

They can be known to serve other entities, such as the guardian of Hell known as Orcus.

Origin / Purpose 

They were originally created by Thanatus directly in order to help direct deceased souls into either Heaven or Hell. Even long after the fall of their master, they've become intergrated into the system that regulate the flow of deceased souls and


Reapers oftenly wear cloaks that cover their faces, have angelic wings with black feathers and can appear in two forms - they can take on the appearance of a normal human being or turn their bodies skeletal with purple fire emanating from their bones. They are oftenly shown with a scythe of their choosing and oftenly carry around a secondary weapon.