Full Name Reika Shimizu / Ultimes
Species Human (before) / Nachzehrer (after)
Gender Female
Alignment The Sacrilege Union
Lives Neumond Reich
Element Light / Frost
Family Umbra (Husband), Thalassa (Daughter), etc.
Associates The other Vollstreckers, the Abyss Knights (originally), etc.
Name meaning Lovely petal (first name) / Clear water (last name)
Weapon ???
Status Enemy

Reika is one of the Vollstrecker warriors for the Sacrilege Union and is responsible for a large patch of overtaken land by the Nachzehrer empire.

She is also one of Umbra's former wives, and the mother of Thalassa in particular.



Reika is a very noble and aloof, and oftenly disagrees with the violent and/or cruel deeds that she and her companions do.