Species Nachzehrer
Utilities / Weapons

Black blood vomit, long claws, etc.

Alignment Varies
Origin Contracted via black blood and/or bite
Subspecies Melting, Regenerator
Threat Usually low / Medium (in numbers)
Special powers Projectile vomit, etc.
Life Core Type Void Shard

Revenants are the first and the most common of the Nachzehrer zombies.


Revenants are brought about when someone is either bitten by one or sprayed with black blood, be they a normal living creature or a decaying corpse.

Appearance / Behavior

A Revenant in the wild is a rotting, moving corpse with large blue eyes, gray skin and long claws. They will be dripping with black blood and how decayed they are depends on how long they have been dead. They are also not limited to just humans.

They are mindlessly aggressive, usually scrambling to infect any nearby creature and attack those who interfere. They subconsciously stick to each other like a pack and try to overwhelm prey with their numbers. When it comes to the other zombie classes, they work in tandem all the same.

Notable Revenants

  • Kyle
  • Tammy


Statistics-wise, the Revenants are the weakest of all the zombie clases. They are slow, plodding and consistently have low defenses and speed, making them easy cannon fodder. However, they attempt to remedy this by being able to run, shoot black blood from a safe distance and use their numbers to advantage.

However, they have two weaknesses - decapitation and getting stabbed in the heart, making them incredibly vulnerable when put up against people who are immune and/or skilled at fighting.

Their Neumond Reich counterparts are simply normal people with no standout abilities when compared to the other variants of Nachzehrer like Murilegas, Militios, etc. Despite this, they can easily overpower a normal human being.


  • The Revenants are a revamp of the classic horror movie zombie, only more formidable.
  • A Nachzehrer Revenant in the wild is also more comparable to a modern zombie than the actual folklore revenant - their Neumond Reich counterparts are more closer to the folklore kind, however.


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