Full Name Salutenia Lenard / Eclipse Cross
Species Somalite
Gender Female
Element Dark / Luna
Alignment Libratan Royal Military / Lunardream Family
Lives In the Nexus Basilica
Associates The Crimson Crusaders (best friends), Laitona (Protectee / Rival), Verona (Student), etc.
Weapon Nightsaber sword
Level Lv. 800 (Black Blood Crusades) -> Lv. 1600 (In LoRS)
Alternate form Eclipse Cross form
Job Class Bishop Knight / Scarlet Blade assassin (past)

Salutenia is a member of the Libratan Royal Military serving as a church guard, and an excellent swordswoman that works for the Crimson Crusaders.


Salutenia is a woman with long purple hair with bangs covering the left side of her face, green eyes, purple lipstick and eye shadow, a black and red suit, red eye symbols marked on her shoulder pads, a clerical collar with an upside down cross necklace, a black belt, a red armband with an upside down blue crescent moon, black nails and dark purple stocking that reaches up past her thighs that are complimented by long black heeled boots.


Much to the contrast of her intimidating appearance, Salutenia is a kind, warm-hearted soul. She dedicates herself to protecting others and has an affinity towards children, much like her priestess counterpart. Salutenia could care less if she were considered aloof or cool as long as her good deeds are recognized.

That being said, even with her kind and noble behavior, she is arrogant of her own skills and during her time as a Scarlet Blade assassin, she puts her feelings aside for the mission at hand and due to her delinquent behavior at the time is usually unagreeable unless she sees someone as a friend.

When it comes to the Crimson Crusaders, she is more than happy to help, but is somewhat begrudged by not having an equal worthy of her skills - leading her to oftenly spar with the others and teach them about combat. Even so, she still enjoys the time she spends with the rest and wouldn't give it up for anything else in the world.

She enjoys a friendly rivalry with her priestess counterpart / protectee, Laitona, and loves to watch over her three kids. Salutenia also shares a sisterly relationship with Roland, even though he is head-over-heels for her and doesn't admit it due to his nerves constantly being shot.


Long ago, Salutenia was originally Eclipse Cross, a Somalite created by the Lunardream Family to help combat against the Apocalyte forces of old. In the grand struggle, she was inadvertently driven to near death and had to give up her powers to survive - leading her to be reborn as a fragile human baby several years later so that she may grow in the care of mortal parents.

Salutenia had grown up as a normal Divixean person, with the notable exception of her incredible growths in physical power, magic and overall skill at a young age, thanks to her dormant Somalite powers. She grew up as a sort of delinquent until she was recognized by the military for her incredible skills and academic progress - however, she refused the call and traveled on the road.

Ever since then, she was assigned to serve as the bodyguard to a head priestess, which wound up being Laitona. The two women, while originally unsure of each other, became close friends in due time and oftenly consult each other on important business decisions.