Full Name Unnamed / Sheol Ultimes (self-given)
Species Primeval Nachzehrer
Gender Male
Alignment Himself
Element Changes depending on defense mode but generally presents himself as Dark / Luna
Lives Unknown
Family Umbra (Creator), Carminella (Half-sister), Thalassa (Sister), Neomenia (Brother), Crucio (Brother), Lurienne (Wife), etc.
Associates Lurienne
Level Lv. 1100 (Weakened at start) / Lv. 2500 (his full potential)
Weapon Himself and his army of the dead
Job Class Nachzehrer God

Sheol is one of the first Nachzehrer experiments created by Umbra that survived his scourings. Sheol grew stronger by consuming those around him and kept himself sealed away deep in the earth.

He declares himself as the self-appointed "God of the Dead" due to his powers and is one of the most destructive entities who works against both the heroes and the Neumond Reich militia, accompanied by his assistant Lurienne.

Appearance Edit

Sheol generally takes on the appearance of a rugged man with black wisp-like hair, pale-white skin, a short beard, clad in large black and red robes, long red claws and armed with a large spear.