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Skills in the Starlit Heroics universe are abilities, magic-related or otherwise, that are categorized by weapon type and spells.

These range from generic abilities that anybody can learn to unique character specials.


Due to the wide variety of people and sentient entities who study the eight elements, there have been many magic spells that have been made in their wake. Spells can take on many forms-- offensively, defensively, support or even just for practical everyday applications and are often intermixed between each other for unique combinations. This is a list of general moves, all organized by element:


  • Muse Requiem (Using the power of music to influence those around you - varies depending on use.)
  • Summon (Using your inner magical powers to bring about a familiar to help you in battle or at home)
  • Copy (Allows the user to gradually learn their opponent's moveset. Practiced into a fine art by the Doppelian job class - although if not practiced daily, they forget their new moves.)
  • Non-Pulse (A powerful burst of ether without elemental influence. It has varying effects depending on how stable the person is, from indirectly breaking glass and so on.)
  • Muse Create (Allows the user to create life from their artistry. The creation is as powerful as the person who made it, if not weaker as it is an extension of their powers. This skill combined with Muse Requiem is the lifeblood of the Bardenne job class.)


  • Aurelos (Summoning a pillar of light to strike down your opponent from above)
  • Divine Ray (Raze your enemies with a beam of light that leaves destruction in its path)
  • Divine Sphere (Sealing yourself inside of a protective light barrier where you can emphasise offense and defense)
  • Angel Edge (Advanced battle technique. The user summons a large sword made of holy power and razes their opponent completely before turning the sword into a destruction beam that explodes upon contact with the enemy)
  • Purge Undead (A skill developed to destroy especially tenacious undead creatures. Bright yellow tendrils are fired out of the user's body and then seep into the corpse, eradicating them piece by piece. It can be manipulated to attack crowds, but requires more energy to do so. It is not effective on living creatures or Nachzehrer undead due to their advanced strength and their Life Core protecting them.)


  • Invisibility (The user takes advantage of the power of Darkness and becomes fades from sight. They can still be deteced by abilities such as Vorsprung, etc.)
  • Tenebrancy (Controlling and solidifing shadows to use against your opponent)
  • Ebony Wing (Using the power of darkness to form wings and perform flight)
  • Crimson Fine (Being able to suck out your enemy's blood and use it to heal your own injuries. A natural ability for vampires and Succulinas)
  • Soul Eater (Ripping out your enemy's Life Core, or at least a part of it, to absorb their powers and life force - a forbidden skill that only a handful of people know)
  • Clone (An advanced technique that involves using dark powers to create a replication of other people or even themselves - the way it is performed varies through the user and is often influenced by the Storm-based speed technique, Wind Slicer.)


  • Illusionary Dance (An advanced Luna move that causes their opponent to suffer realistic illusions or distort their sense of reality. Can be counteracted by the Light Clarity technique and comes in various forms.)
  • Crescent Rain (Summoning crescent-shaped scythes to slice your opponents into pieces)
  • Restore (Heals injuries and removes ailments through lunar power -- how much can be healed is dependent on user's magical power. Does not work on the dead unless they have their Life Core working properly. Comes in Light and Earth variants.)
  • Veritas (Using lunar power to tell between truth and lies - it can be decieved by people that are incredibly good at masking their emotions.)
  • Time Halt (Using lunar power to manipulate time and space to freeze an enemy in place or to stop time altogether. It is a very stressful skill to use but very potent, as the user can perform any attack while time is stopped. The drawbacks are that once Time Halt is finished, the user is immediately exhausted and vulnerable to attacks. Time Halt is also one of the most difficult magic-based techniques to learn.)
  • Warp (A unique swift movement technique that allows the user to bend space to their will, allowing them to disappear and reappear instantly. It is different than other swift movement techniques such as Vilkuma, Blitz or Fulgur due to the fact that Warp is not simply moving at lightning speed but instead escaping into distorted space. Often used in mass-produced Teleportation Crystals for quick movements across large areas.)
  • Reflect (A move that allows the user to summon a unique barrier that allows them to reflect projectiles. It is the key move of Mirror Mages, but can be broken by piercing attacks such as Spiral Dark magic, Breaker Earth magic, and so on.)