Utility To serve as the life force of every creature in the universe
Creates Ether, aka. soul power
Takes in Ether and Mana
Variants Deva's Tear (Zealite), Void Shard (Nachblight), Vile Echo (Apocalyte), Velune Shard (Phastia), Mana Core (Nature power that has gained sentience) 

Souls are ephemeral cores that serve as the root of a creature's spiritual essence.

From humans on Divixus to the beasts of Heaven and Hell, they are what define their "spirit".

How souls work Edit

When it comes to "magic", it is actually the output of ether (soul power) as formed by their Life Core. Ether is essentially the person's inner strength except physically exerted as control over the Eight Elements.

Divixus and its inhabitants, due to having so much influence by spiritual entities and having the control over the Eight Elements be a central aspect of its people, have a stronger, brighter souls than most other humanoid species across the galaxy.

This is what allows them to have Visions, or individualized powers that can't be taught but evolve as the person grows.

In contrast, Earth humans, due to not being conditioned with the use of the Eight Elements outside of tools, cannot not possibly be able to use magic to the same extent naturally if at all. However, if they are ever teleported to Divixus and trained in the art of ether manipulation, they have the same capability to enhance their talents.

Ether regenerates over time - overuse of a person's powers strains the body and mind, winding up in not thinking straight, losing control over your limbs (temporarily) or in extreme cases, death. 

The amount of Ether a person's soul can contain depends on how far their aptitudes can go and what they are (for example, a Zealite has, on average, higher aptitudes than a human. This allows them to be much more powerful and be able to burn more ether for strong attacks).

Mana Edit

Mana is the power of the environment - lying in nature-made objects and phenomena such as wind, plants, water, lava, etc. Ether and Mana are two sides of the same coin as they can be interchanged - people can manipulate Mana to become Ether (at the risk of making the environment barren) and vice versa.

When Mana is concentrated in a specific point, sometimes it powers up creatures in the wild and gives them incredible powers. There is also the peculiar Mana Core, which is a very basic Life Core formed that breathes life into non-sentient objects such as stone and etc.

Death and the soul Edit

Upon dying, the soul (that is, the actual person in an ethereal state) will leave the body while the rest of the body goes dormant.

If the cause of death was not natural and/or violent, if the soul tries going back into the body, it will risk causing the person an extreme amount of pain. Reviver Stones made by the kingdom of Lucera are capable of bringing back the dead but only in terms of "restarting" lives, not reinvigorating them.

There is a strict anti-cruelty law that prevents people from using reviver stones to bring back people with genetic diseases or the elderly as it would prolong their suffering.

Life Lanterns from the depths of Hell are capable of reinvigorating dead bodies but often come with horrible side effects that make them forbidden to use under any circumstance.

Reincarnation Edit

When the soul drifts away from the body, it waits for the Reapers to come and "judge" it to decide if it can go to either Heaven or Hell. If a soul from an ascended plane is killed (such as an Angel or an Apocalyte demon), its essence is usually destroyed and returns to the elements.

However, there are rare times where souls are "recycled" and turned into new forms that lack the memories of their previous lives.

Possession Edit

When it comes to possession, a spirit cannot possess a recently dead body for very long, as they lose their grip on it and are forcefully expunged right afterward. If a weak soul attempts to possess corpses like those in a mausoleum, they unwillingly sacrifice their emotions and proper thinking to power up the neccessary functions to move the body but wind up as undead as a result.

Abilities Edit

Souls come with various innate powers and skills. At their most basic level, these abilities are present in every living being and can be boosted the more power is absorbed (from contact, fallen foes, etc.) or through formal training.

If cultivated carefully, the user can create a more powerful offshoot of an ability they mastered or create unique moves.

General Edit

  • Progress - The act of absorbing the strength from a fallen enemy. It also applies to power gained from contact or by training. It is usually in small fractions.
  • Presence - A "sixth sense" ability, which allows the user to sense spiritual creatures. Earth humans and weaker Divixeans are rarely in tune with this, so many ghosts, demons or angels are invisible to them.
  • Enhanced Strength / Spirit - As people get more powerful, their physical/magical strength increases to above average or to outright superhuman levels. Unique varieties include FortisMacht, and so on.
  • Endas - A special ability that allows the user reduce damage with invisible threads of Ether instinctually covering ther bodies or through other methods, giving them incredible endurance. Unique varieties include Rustung, Paries, etc.
  • Enhanced Speed - Increased speed comes about as people become stronger, but it can be taken to the next degree with quick movement techniques such as Blitz, Warp, etc.