Full Name Daniel Telgard
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Veers towards good
Element Dark
Lives Librata Castle
Family Gracia (Mother), Evan (Father)
Associates The Crimson Crusaders (associates)
Weapon Oblivas and various others he's trained in
Status Prince

Telgard is the crown prince of the Libratan royal family, following after his mother and father. He is a considered a prodigy and is wielder of the sacred Oblivas sword.

Appearance Edit

Telgard is a young man with black hair and blue wearing a black charcoal suit with a white cravat.

Personality Edit

Telgard is a classy, refined man with a silver tongue. He's conniving and has a bit of a devilish streak, known for his confidence and prowess with combat. He has a bit of a flirtatious streak and has a weakness for girls dressed up in gothic lolita style.

Backstory  Edit