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Alignment Dedicated to uphold peace
Rulers Ranthael, Aurelia, Vivace
Commanders The Eight Guardians, Vocalis, Amaterasu, etc.
Species involved Angels, Phastista, Somalites, Tenseji, Alpharoids, etc.
Headquarters Heaven / Nexus Basilica / Sanctus Moon
Specific members Various
Origin Heaven

The Astralune Family is the ruling house of gods that have control over all of Heaven.

They are the heavenly parallel to the Morteluna Family, who have control over Hell.

Both of them are responsible for keeping the balance of the universe intact.


The Astralune Family and the Morteluna Family were made by the Ten Origin Beasts as the law-bringers and rulers of the ethereal realms that they created, aka. Heaven and Hell, along with the mortal realm and the Dream Realm.

Both families were peaceful and relatively friendly with each other until the grand Apocalyean rebellion. Said war had changed both families and shook their foundations, even going as so far as disposing multiple people and groups, such as the Morteluna Family's Ars Goetia demon hierarchy.

After the Apocalyean war and the ensuing feud, both Families were battered and beaten, but were still relatively on good terms with each other.


The planet that links both Heaven and Hell together, and the primary setting of all Starlit Heroics stories.

Sanctus Moon

The artificial moon created by Amentia and Pandora long ago which is supposed to serve as the counter to the sun created by Amaterasu. Both the moon and the sun are placed at the right enough distance so life can exist properly on Divixus, mimicking Earth in that regard.

The Sanctus Moon is also where the primary gateway to Heaven is located, as opposed to the Eclipsis Moon, which leads to Hell. In appearance, the moon is light blue as opposed to the Eclipsis, which is blood red. The Sanctus moon is also the primary one that orbits Divixus - as the Eclipsis one exists only as a darker counterpart whose presence shows itself only in places where space and time are distorted, such as the Graveyard Palace.

The Sanctus moon is also populated with Nivelottes, small sentient rabbit creatures that help defend the gateway to Heaven.

Species involved

They have a wide and varied assortment of monsters at their disposal -

  • Phastista - Celestial entities that serve as Ranthael's personal creations, along with being mortal creatures that have ascended into Heaven. They are commonly referred to as "angels" and
    • Nivelotte - Small Phastista monsters that take the form of rabbit-like creatures. They populate the Sanctus Moon as the guardians of the gate to Heaven, and are led by the Moon Shepherd, their motherly leader.
  • Somalite - Magical golems made to serve Heaven. They come in various forms and perform various tasks for the family including combat, menial labor, and so on. They lack halos but still have the mark of the Family on their bodies.
  • Tenseji - Angelic sages created by the Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu. They generally represent good fortune and are responsible for protecting the peace in all realms. Their halos are gold/yellow in color.
  • Alpharoid - Cybernetic monsters created by the goddess of Machinery, Vanemuine Vocalis, as the pinnacles of technology at the time. They can be identified by their earphone-shaped ears and have various signature techniques, such as Tugevus (enhanced strength) and so on. They have Alpha Symbols for Life Cores.
  • BerserkerValkryie - Angels that serve Odin, the god of war and wisdom. They are mighty warriors blessed with a fraction of his strength and help protect Heaven along with the other heavenly races. They can be differentiated from Phastista due to the colors of their wings and their red halos.

List of people in it

Ones who defect from the group are bolded.

Family members (Gods)

  • Ranthael - Patron god of entire family: God of Order
  • Aurelia - Ranthael's sister: Goddess of Life and current goddess of Lunacy
  • Odin - God of War and Wisdom
  • Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun, Light and Magic
  • Vivace - God of Divixus
  • Hera - Goddess of Love
  • Vocalis - Associate: Goddess of Music and Machinery
  • Demedis - Former God of Dreams
  • Amentia - Former Goddess of Lunacy

The Eight Guardians

  • Librata - Guardian of Balance
  • Lunetra - Guardian of the Moon
  • Soleria - Guardian of Light
  • Shadre - Guardian of Darkness
  • Terrantia - Guardian of the Earth
  • Ventureni - Guardian of the Winds
  • Ignell - Guardian of Flame
  • Glacientyr - Guardian of Frost


  • Lucerna - A superpowerful creature created by Ranthael, originally the pinnacle of Phastista technology, and the first out of five to be made in a unity project between the Astralune and Morteluna families. Is now permanently a part of his brother Umbra.
  • Moon Shepherd - A Phastista woman who watches the gate to Heaven and serves as the mother figure to the Nivelotte rabbit species. 
  • Devil Eater - A Phastista specifically designed to hunt down demons. He burns with the power of the sun. 
  • Lantheon - The chief of the current generation of Nivelottes.
  • Eclipse Cross - A powerful Phastista woman created to defeat the Apocalytes in time's past. 
  • Andrew Hemidial
  • Sidera


  • Astrelia - The moon rabbit-themed protector of the entire Astralune Family.
  • Dream Golem - A large monster made of a metal enchanted with all eight elements.


  • n/a

Berserkers / Valkryies


  • The symbol of the Astralune Family is based off both the Sailor Moon and Okami Moon Tribe symbol, as the Starlit Heroics version is an upside-down moon, except painted in blue hues, referencing the latter.
  • Initially, there was no Astralune Family at the beginning of Starlit Heroics, but as time passed, it became more and more important to the point where the creator put it into the story. There was originally going to be an Eldritch Order organization, but it was omitted altogether to make way for the Astralune Family.


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