Alignment Dedicated to uphold order
Rulers Puritus, Thanatus (originally)
Commanders Ars Goetia (former), the Vanguard, etc.
Species Apocalytes, Infern, Zealites, etc.
Headquarters Hell / Eclipsis Moon
Specific Members Various
Origin Hell

The Morteluna Family is the 

They have a Heaven counterpart called the Astralune Family.

Origin Edit

Eclipsis Moon Edit

The darker counterpart to the Astralune Family's blue Sanctus Moon, which holds

Monsters Edit

The A Family has various monster classes that are used to protect the peace and keep order in the confines of Hell, which is necessary due how sinful souls are condemned to the place.

  • Zealites - Primarily female monsters (exceptions including Umbra, Lirus and some others) whose true bodies are the Anthodia Stones inside of their avatar bodies, created by the Goddess of Destruction herself. They are generally more sophisticated and higher-level than the Lemures due to the higher priority of their creation.
  • Lemures - Creatures born from the blossoms that grow on the surface of the Eclipsis Moon that are transformed into powerful monsters. Due to the ease of how they are created compared to the Zealites, Lemures are the most reliable force of the Deathmoon Family.
    • Sacrella - Fox-like Lemures created as the Deathmoon counterpart to the Nivelottes. They serve as the guardians of the gate to Hell, and serve the 
  • Apocalytes - Creatures created by Thanatus, the God of Death, and are what a mortal being becomes should their soul be condemned to Hell.
  • Nachzehrer - A new species of monster created by Umbra and Lucerna's fused powers, said to be more powerful than any of the Families' monsters.

List of people in it Edit

Note: Some monsters listed do not appear in true Starlit Heroics canon and are marked with a *.

Actual family membersEdit

  • Puritus Bane - God of Darkness
  • Suprema Adustio - Goddess of Destruction
  • Chaos - God of Discord
  • Thanatus - God of Death and original founder
  • Anubis - Current God of Death and Thanatus's proxy

Zealites Edit

  • Umbra - The pinnacle of Deathmoon technology at the time and a powerful leader for the Zealite race. Originally used to be a Zealite before becoming the original Nachzehrer.
  • Linoura - A skilled scientist and tactician responsible for many breakthroughs with her associates
  • Lirus - A former demon lord and the only other male Zealite aside from Umbra. Is now in mortal form.
  • Candelabra Tuleriit - An experimental war weapon that takes on the form of a candle-themed woman.


  • Lamino -
  • Ciphro - An Infern whose true form is a demonic shadow beast. He is created more than once.
  • Recollecte
  • Replicator - One of Linoura's assistants and an experimental super soldier for the army
  • Ronove - A former member of the now-disbanded Ars Goetia group of demons. A bat-like demon that can form a symbiotic relationship with his vessel.
  • Asmodeus - A former member of the now-disbanded Ars Goetia. A loathsome shadow demon that preys on the darker aspects of humanity and encourages them, such as greed, lust, etc.
  • Zepar - A former member of the now-disbanded Ars Goetia. A knight-like demon similar to Asmodeus that feeds on the negative aspects of humanity and a powerful assassin.
  • Vassago - A former member of the now-disbanded Ars Goetia. A wizard-like shadow demon that gives help to the weak under certain circumstances.


  • Azrael - Reaper that embodies the Dark element. Leader of Letalis Arma and gravedigger in the mortal realm.
  • Lucius - Reaper that embodies the Light element. Runs the Sun Arms weapon company in the mortal realm.
  • Phoebe - Reaper that embodies the Luna element. Works with Azrael as both a gravekeeper and a nurse.
  • Melodis - Reaper that embodies the Null element. A composer for the world's most prestigious orchestra in the mortal realm.
  • Thetis - Reaper that embodies the Frost element. A ruthless assassin-for-hire that takes any challenge.
  • Chloris - Reaper that embodies the Earth element. A kind gardener that lives in Arvionne City.
  • Vesta - Reaper that embodies the Flame element. A passionate actress that works in a small theater in Arvionne City.
  • Eurus - Reaper that embodies the Storm element. A famous celebrity in Divixus that made a name for himself due to his incredible fighting skills.
  • Bellamine - False Angel woman that serves as part of Verus Amor
  • Artelus - False Angel that founded Verus Amor
  • Selene - Succubus that hunts down people for Verus Amor
  • Amedia - False Angel that serves as part of Verus Amor
  • Marronus - Viscemare demon that works as a hunter for Verus Amor
  • Orcus - Gatekeeper of Hell's door and new master of the Eight Reapers.