Full Name Umbra Ultimes
Species The original Nachzehrer / Formerly a Zealite
Gender Male


Abyss Knights
Element Luna / Dark
Lives The Twilit Domain
Family Puritus and Suprema (Mother and Father), Lucerna (Brother), Laitona (Adopted daughter), Thalassa (Daughter), Reika (Former wife), Carmille (Daughter), Sheol (Son), etc.
Associates Various
Weapon Many forms of magic and the Alcreseta Moon Blade

Umbra (Latin: Darkness) was originally a Zealite created by the Morteluna Family, but now serves as the leader of the Abyss Knights anti-Nachzehrer hunting group.

He oftenly appears in many other stories set in the Starlit Heroics universe.


Umbra is a stern-looking man with white hair stained with red highlights


Umbra was o


Umbra and his brother Lucerna were once created as breakthroughs in both Astralunan and Mortelunan technology. Ranthael proposed that they combine their efforts into two solitary beings, leading in the creation of the two brothers.



Umbra and Lucerna were made in mind to serve as the representations of both Light and Darkness. 

However, the real part of Umbra's powers stem from these abilities, which have been passed onto the entirety of the Nachzehrer species as a result albeit renamed for him and the Abyss Knights due to their latin theming:

  • Velocitas: With Velocitas, Umbra's movement is difficult to keep up with due to easily outspeeding most of his opponents, with some exceptions included.
  • Fortitudo: Umbra's strength is beyond superhuman, as he can easily through mountains and carry something as large as the Stella Citadel fortress by himself.
  • Armis: He is also incredibly difficult to harm, as a lot of conventional attacks merely bounce off him or don't harm him in the least.
  • Medeis: Umbra's magic power, when released, is strong enough to level cities.
  • Reficio: A restorative ability born from the healing factor both he and his brother had, although boosted to the point where his wounds heal up instantly. However, it gets weakened later on, and can be nullified with the Dark-elemental Anti-Cure spell.
  • Resolvere: An ability that allows him to determine the strength of his enemy.
  • Renovamen (Not to be confused with the Apocalyte ability): 

He can also take the form of a much cuter cat-like creature to gain the affection of younger children, but his powers are limited.

Due to Umbra's terrifying strength, he has to limit himself so he doesn't cause unnecessary harm to people - Modus locks up his power into tiers - tier 1, tier 2, his normal state, and his Renovamen.