Used by Nachzehrer, Abyss Knights (in the form of Valiant Crystals)
Created via Infecting people through black blood or created
Originated from Umbra and Lucerna's fusion
Life Core Type Nachzehrer

Void Shards were born from the fusion between Umbra and Lucerna, and are currently created when people are infected by the black blood.

These gems are notorious for being the livelihood of the entire Nachzehrer race, as it both serves as the Nachzehrer Life Core and is what carries the disease that turns others into them.


Once the extreme powers of Umbra and his brother Lucerna were forcibly fused together, the first ever Void Shard was created, leading Umbra to become the original Nachzehrer. Once he tested out the newfound powers he had gained, the test subjects he used proved too unstable to handle and escaped into the mortal realm. Said Nachzehrer spread their influence, leading Umbra to take safety measures and establish the Abyss Knights should a wide-spread invasion occur in the future.

Ever since then, Void Shards have been studied intensively by the Abyss Knights and the effects it causes, including the black blood, the growth of a Nachzehrer and what causes one to go violent in the first place.

Appearance / Effect

An individual Void Shard takes many forms and sizes, but are universally recognized by their strange black-and-white metallic-looking designs. They are volatile and harmful to the touch and would be spiritually located where the heart would be. Upon their death, Nachzehrer release this from their bodies and leave it vulnerable to be shattered. However, if it is not destroyed in a certain amount of time, the Nachzehrer will reconstitute and assume its previous form before it was defeated.

The most vicious part of the Void Shard is how it replaces the normal type of blood in the body (be it red, blue, purple, etc.) with black blood - and can be done so to more and more creatures if they make physical contact with said black blood. The black blood, thanks to the effects of Ranthedis, creates a Void Shard and turns the victim into a Nachzehrer.

However, it can be purified before it starts to infect the bloodstream with light / healing magic, but if a Void Shard has already fully developed, then the only thing that can stop it are the Soul Purge vaccines - originally made to combat N Minus blood and later the stronger variants.

When it involves the dead, the black blood brings them back to life albeit mindlessly and with a limited scope of abilities. There are very few Nachzerer undead that grow past the zombie phase, with the only exceptions being Amisso and Libitina, two Cadavelier Nachzehrer that lacked their souls at first, leading them to subsist on the records and retained components of their Life Cores - giving a pseudosoul effect.

Abyss Knight use

Umbra, in an attempt to assimilate Abyss Knights to combat the Nachzehrer, creates Void Shards and makes them completely harmless, turning them into "Valiant Crystals" instead. Originally, Abyss Knights could fall to despair or lose control of their powers, which wound up with them turning into Nachzehrer.

After the defect was discovered, Umbra and the others immediately fixed it by strengthening the newer models - making it impossible for an Abyss Knight to become a Nachzehrer from internal conflicts.

However, it is still possible for Abyss Knights to turn to Nachzehrer when they are mortally wounded (as in, attacks that would kill normal humans) - as energy is spent to regenerating the wound, the black blood can potentially overtake the Valiant Crystal and corrupt the Abyss Knight into a Nachzehrer. The more powerful blood types such as N+ or NA+ have a greater chance of doing so.