Full Name Yumi Alexandra Trescale
Species Ursammel bear humanoid
Gender Female
Element Luna
Alignment Crimson Crusaders
Lives Tephel, Librata
Family The Trescales
Associates Lirus (Accomplice), Nocta (Best friend), Libratan Royal Family (Friends), etc.
Alternate Form Goddess Gemini form
Weapon Extending laser blade Maxell / Sacred Handgun .44 Twilight Magnum
Job Class Noblewoman

Yumi is a Ursammel girl that belongs to the Lunardream aligned-Trescale noble family, and one of the prisoners of the the Island of Shadows accompanied by the soldier Lirus, who lets her out.



Yumi is generous and caring but is also uptight and tries to keep her team members on track. Yumi trains considerably to help protect her friends and to help better herself for challenges to come.

Her relationship towards Lirus is an especially loving one, ever since he rescued her from the clutches of the prison camp in the Island of Shadows. She also shows a large amount of friendliness towards Nocta and the others she encounters on the way. She absolutely adores her parents, but holds a twinge of rebellion inside of her due to their strict nature and her own spoiled personality.


She is a noble-born girl from the House of Trescale. Her mother and father, Ilumine and Nemuru Trescale, are commanders for the Libratan Royal army, who have instructed her from an early age how to fight and control her powers properly. Since then, Yumi has lived a (mostly) peaceful life with her parents, wanting to become stronger and stronger.

However, one day, Yumi is ambushed and kidnapped to the Island of Shadows by Deathmoon monsters, where she would be locked up like a prisoner. She is stuck there for an unknown amount of time, presumably months, while she starves due to her captors barely feeding her (just enough to keep her healthy), alone and so on.

This changes, however, when Lirus and Nocta show up and break into the camp, setting her free and allowing her to escape. In that time, they retrieve Yumi's two weapons, and they form a trio. After they warm up to each other, they decide to return to the camp where everyone is held up in, ready to stop the operation. Once they defeat whatever's left on the island, they take advantage of the enemy's technology and plan a route back to home.


Due to routine sword and gunsmanship practice, Yumi is very skilled in what she does, even rivaling an experienced knight. Even without her weapons, she is also well-versed in physical prowess, in the case she would wind up cornered.

The first of her weapons is the laser sword Maxell. It has a purple edge made out of stardust, the ability to extend as far as she wants it to go, but it would get harder to control/swing the bigger it gets, so she keeps it at a reasonable pace. She can also split it into two short swords, a blue one and a red one, in case she needs to deal with several enemies at once.

Her other weapon, the .44 Magnum Twilight Holy Weapon frame (Twilight Magnum), is a magically-infused, modified, semi-automatic handgun with a different design / layout than its Earth counterpart marked with the words "Mercy Upon Lunacy" on the side with the Lunardream Family's upside down moon symbol on it. Due to Yumi being the rightful owner, she can handle it with ease due to being the gun's rightful wielder-- anyone else would not be able to fire it even if they were to pick it up. She can also fire bullets made out of Luna magic should she run out of regular bullets.


Yumi knows quite a bit about Luna magic, specifically the barrier sub-type and healing, as taught by her father. However, she also has a bit of experience with the other elements such as Earth and Storm. She can charge Twilight Magnum with said elements along with being able to shoot magic bolts when she doesn't have any bullets left.

She is also capable of utilizing Limb Liberation, as taught by her mother, although the farthest she's gotten has only been to remove her head. Even then, she can put it to good use and strategizes with it.

She is also the reincarnation of the Somalite known as Gemini.

  • Gemini form - She takes on a angelic appearance, donning a sleeveless black dress with purple markings on it, has one red eye and one blue eye, etc. She has much more control over the rest of the elements, and has the ability to split into two different Yumis, one blue and the other red, representing her positive and negative side while retaining her all-around personality. Even in her mortal form, she has a running streak of bad luck followed by good luck.


  • Her gun, the .44 Twilight Magnum, is heavily based off of the Hellsing Anti-Freak Combat Pistol 'Jackal' in design and usage, albeit being rather different. One major difference is that the Twilight Magnum frame is a Sacred Weapon only Yumenshi can use, and various others.
  • Her laser blade Maxell is based off of both the Estreledge broadsword from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and the beam katana weapon Peony from No More Heroes.
  • Gemini is portrayed as being twin brothers in mythology, despite Starlit Heroics' Gemini being a woman.