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Alignment Deathmoon Family
Species Demons made from the essence of the goddess of Destruction
Weapons All known types
Specific members Umbra (originally), Linoura, Candelabra, etc.
Origin Created as the higher class of the Deathmoon Family
Status Varied
Creator Suprema Adustio
Life Core type Anthodia Stone

Zealites are the monsters created by Suprema, and are the higher class of the two monster branches. They serve as the the aristocrats and high ranking members of the Deathmoon Family's assortment of monsters.


Zealites usually take on the form of well-endowed women with red nails and the red phoenix symbol marked somewhere on their bodies.

The (few) males that are seen have similar aspects to their female counterparts, such as generally being more effeminate than normal men, red nails, and so on.

Creation / Purpose 

Zealites were made by Suprema to serve as the higher class of the Deathmoon Family, being the ones in charge of operations and the ones responsible for keeping most of the Family in check. They are an all female race, save for a few males (Lirus and Umbra, for example) - the distinct reason because Suprema preferred her gender more.

For one, they are the pride of the Deathmoon Family due to their insurmountable potencial and power. Zealites made over the years have always been a big project for the scientists due to the amount of time and refining it takes to make them stand as achievements-- as shown with Umbra who, despite being made several milleniums ago, still stands the test of time as one of the leaders of the Zealite community.

How Zealites work / Anthodia Stones

The true forms of Zealites are spirits called Formless. The body they use is merely a fixed avatar they project to protect themselves. When the body can't take any more, they let out a peculiar crystal called an Anthodia Stone which, if broken, destroys their soul if it is not prepared for reincarnation. Anthodia Stones are artifacts that contain the Formless the Zealite belongs to, and allow it to manifest their body. 

If it is mixed negatively with the Phastistas' Starlight Cores, they become Void Shards, which gave birth to the entirety of the Nachzehrer race.


Zealites are high-level monsters that possess many abilities depending on who they are. They generally possess enhanced strength, speed and magic power - along with a strong regeneration ability that allows them to shake off a wound that would normally kill a regular human being, as long as the head is not removed.

If a Zealite's avatar body is destroyed, they can steadily regenerate it and can speed up the process with healing magic. However, if they are mortally wounded and lack the strength to regenerate entirely, they can use up the last of their power to reincarnate into a weaker mortal form. The timespan of reincarnation varies wildly and it requires a catalyst (such as Nachzehrer black blood) to rejuvenate said mortal back into a Zealite.

List of Zealites

Non canon is italicized.


  • Zealite is derived from zealot; a fanatically commited person. It can also be taken from a mineral called Zeolite.
  • Zealites were based off of the Daimons from Sailor Moon S.